10 Ideas To Make Your Wedding Reception More Entertaining

Weddings receptions are a great time to enjoy some food and dancing and catch up with some friends and family members you may not have seen in awhile.  For guests that may not want to dance or for some added fun, here’s a few ideas to incorporate into your reception to add a little extra amusement.

Group Games: The Shoe Game

This simple and fun game is a great way for guests to get to know you better as you learn how much you really know about each other. The game is played by placing two chairs back-to-back on the dance floor. You then remove both of your shoes, then trade a shoe with your new spouse so that you’re holding one of each. Your DJ will then ask a series of questions about the two of you and your relationship – such as “Who is the better driver?” or “Who is likely to spend more money when going shopping?” After each question, hold up the shoe of the person you think has the best answer to the question.  You and your guests will have fun laughing at how each of the questions gets answered and who might hesitate.  It’s all in great fun!


Table Games: Board Games

Place a game at the center of each guest table and encourage your guests to swap with other tables throughout the night. You can also have a game station, where guests can grab a board game for their table.  Some examples include: Rock ‘em, Sock ‘em Robots, Ker Plunk ‘Em, Jenga, Yahtzee, etc.




Who doesn’t like playing with legos?  Leave a bin of legos at each table and encourage guests to build awesomeness.  If you really want to get fancy you could also buy small lego sets with instructions so guests can do a quick build.  During the reception it’s fun to go around the room and see what people have created.


Table Games: Booklets

Come up with a question for each table, and put a notepad and pens for guests to add their ideas. Some suggestions:

Where would you recommend we go for a vacation?
What should we do on date nights?
What should we name our first child?
How should we celebrate our first anniversary?



Table Games: I Spy

This game is fun for kids and adults alike. It’s a great way to get extra photos from your wedding. Ask your guests to use their digital cameras or smartphones to capture the moments even the best photographers sometimes miss. Add a line on your “I Spy” card with an address where guests can upload photos.
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Ping Pong

Like cornhole, ping pong can be played in teams, is inherently social, and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages and skill levels (all you need is a little hand-eye coordination and you’re in the game!)




This classic beanbag game can easily be personalized for your wedding; add your silhouettes or monograms, or get a set in your wedding colors.


Oversized Jenga

You can create an oversized Jenga game by simply taking a trip to Home Depot or Lowes for some lumber. Have each piece cut to the same length (a traditional Jenga set consists of 54 blocks).



Place Setting Crossword Puzzles

Custom crosswords are a great way to keep guests entertained and put them to the test with a little newlywed trivia.


Oversized Board Games

Create a giant checkers board — just get a checkered blanket and plastic plates or Frisbees in red and black.
Or you can take the easy route and purchase one online.