How do I cut my cake?

Well that’s a very good question. Cake cutting is a great opportunity for guest to get pictures and for you to have some fun.  But how do you cut the cake?

Traditionally the bride and groom make the first cut together. The bride holds the knife & the groom places his hands on top of the brides. The second cut is a solo mission for the groom. You now have one piece of cake & (depending on how many people are at your reception) a lot more cake. The third cut is done by the bride leaving you with two cut pieces of cake. This is where (I personally) have seen some variation. Sometimes the bride and groom feed each other at the same time & sometimes it is done one at a time. It’s up to you! At this point the caterers or hall will take the rest of the cake away and cut it up for all of your guests.

If your looking for song ideas to have the DJ play during the cake cutting?

My two favorites are Sugar By Maroon 5

and Sugar Sugar By The Archies.