Hits For 2016


We are now about half way through 2016 and wedding season is in full swing. Here are three new songs (in no particular order)  that are sure to be hits at your reception!


“Hold My Glass” By Jess Glynne

Originally released in early 2015 the beat will still get people dancing. This modern disco jam has an upbeat tempo that won’t let you not, at least, tap your toe.


“Cake By The Ocean” By DNCE

(Warning: While Spotlight DJ’s has clean versions of all of our music at the time of writing a high quality clean version of the video could not be found. The above video does contain explicit content.)

Cake by the Ocean is the first single from the group DNCE. If the singer looks familiar thats because he is Joe Jonas from the Jonas Brothers. The song has a Maroon 5 feel and sound to it and thats not a bad thing. The beat is very danceable and the bass line provides a super catchy hook for the song.


“One Call Away” by Charlie Puth

We will end with something a little bit slower. One call away is the second single from Charlie Puth, a follow up to his breakout hit “Marvin Gaye”.  Charlie Puth has some great falsetto that adds the little bit on top to an already great romantic pop song.