What is a Toast?

thumb_Wagner719_1024Over the years of entertaining at weddings I have seen lots of toasts. We already talked about making a memorable best man speech but what is the history of wedding toasts?

Wedding toasts have been a long standing tradition. A part of every reception. Wedding toasts date back to ancient times when host would be the first to drink to show that the wine was not poisoned. A common war tactic used by both the ancient greeks was to poison the the drink of enemies. By the 1800’s toasts had become commonplace but the meaning had changed. Toasts were now being made as gesture of good faith and to wish luck to the new couple.

The term toast itself comes from an old tradition of putting a pies of toast in the bottom of the wine. As strange as it may seem the toast actually did good. The purpose was to absorb the acidity of the wine and improve the flavor.

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