How A Popcorn Bar Brings Fun & Excitement To Your Event

Making your wedding or special occasion fun and memorable is our goal.  We like to highlight other companies that share that same passion!
We recently had the opportunity to interview Tonia Froling at the Cedarburg Popcorn Company about why having a Popcorn Bar at your celebration is so much fun and How To Plan A Popcorn Bar.
Let’s find out more!
What are the benefits of featuring a popcorn bar at your event?

One of the greatest benefits is variety. There are a variety of flavors of gourmet popcorn to choose from.  A flavor for everyone to enjoy from salty, to a mix of sweet and salty or a deliciously sweet dessert popcorn. Popcorn bars are a unique and fun way to share your favorite flavors and show your personality too. Popcorn can be displayed in so many different ways, from elegant glass containers to tin wash basins or apple chip board bushel baskets for a country rustic theme.

What are some of the most creative ideas you’ve done with popcorn?  What’s goes into the creation process?

We take a familiar flavor or memory of food and bring it to popcorn.  For instance, think of a caramel apple in the summer or pumpkin spice or apple pie in the fall. We take those flavors and make them into a popcorn variety. When it comes to creating a new flavor we discuss the best process for end result, such as, “Is this a candied popcorn or tumbled flavor?” “What is the dominate flavor, if it is a mix such as in Banana Split?” We look to invoke a food memory with the taste, a memory of good times and good food.

What are some of the things to consider with a wedding or party popcorn bar and choosing flavors?

We suggest to check with the venue first about their catering contracts. Some places will not allow open buffet style self serving popcorn bars but will allow in closed packages of our gourmet popcorn. After the decision is made to have a popcorn bar, the next and best part is to come and taste test the popcorn options.  It can be hard to just pick 2-3 flavors for a popcorn bar, but it can be done. Having different flavor options from salty to sweet really can cover a lot of the guests taste preferences. Popcorn wedding favors are also a unique consumable treat all guests will enjoy from young to the young at heart. Having a variety of flavors has been known to start up some interesting conversations. 🙂

How would you recommend someone start planning a popcorn bar for their wedding or event?

Think about when you would like to offer gourmet popcorn.  Do you have a cocktail hour between the ceremony and reception? Would you like a late night snack option after the dinner during the dancing and socializing time? Or do you simply want a unique “thank you for coming” treat as your guests leave? Once you have an idea of when you want the guests to enjoy the popcorn and you know your venues policies, let the fun begin with the taste testing. During the peak wedding season from May-October we suggest booking at least 4-6 months in advance.

Thanks Tonia for the tips and information!  More information about securing the Cedarburg Popcorn Company to provide their delicious popcorn for your event can be found online at:


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