Make Your Wedding Glow

Don’t underestimate the power of lights at your wedding reception. You can completely change the atmosphere by adding some colorful light. Let’s explore several uplighting options that can complement your specific hall’s layout.

Does your hall have plain white walls? Spacing colored uplights throughout will liven up the space. One common look is to make all of the lights match your wedding color scheme. This might be one particular color or you could alternate lights between two complementary colors.

If your hall has columns throughout, embrace them by highlighting with lights. This will turn what would ordinarily be an eyesore into a true decoration. The main thing to watch out for in this case is that adequate power is nearby. The best case scenario is having an outlet at each column or battery-powered uplights. Otherwise, you will likely need to have power cables taped down to the floor.

Perhaps the toughest hall to properly uplight is one with dark walls. The lights will either need to be extra powerful or they will need to be placed in front of lighter areas of the wall. For example, some halls have a combination of dark walls and light walls.

Lighting up the head table can help to draw attention where you want it. If the tablecloth is white then putting uplights under the table can give a very nice color effect. Alternatively, putting uplights behind the head table pointing at the wall can also draw attention to the head table.

With uplights, you have the option to keep them the same color or to have them alternate colors. One of my favorite uplighting effects is putting the uplights at a static color during dinner and then setting them up to change based on sound for the dancing. This effect can make the entire hall look like a dance floor.

Those are just a few options. There are many styles and effects you can achieve with some uplights.