A Personalized Light Show

In past posts myself and other DJs have talked about how important lights are, how uplights can add style and a wow factor, but what about some personalization?

Monograms and custom gobo’s can some personal flare to your reception. Monograms can be as simple as your name and a date but can get as fun as your favorite superhero’s symbol.



Monograms are great if your reception hall has big tall ceilings or big walls as it allows for the monogram to be displayed in a large format that is visible by everybody. Pair your monogram with uplights to provide a splash of color on the wall. Whenever I do a show with a monogram I am always excited to see the design that was chosen. Monograms don’t have to be just for weddings. Have your school initials or company name displayed in a big way.

Spotlight DJ’s uses a powerful but compact projection and gobo system to display monograms on any surface. The projection is visible even when the lights are on. Check Out some other awesome monograms from Spotlight DJ’s.

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