Kissing Games: I hate clinking glasses…. What do I do?

Have you ever been to a wedding and hear that obnoxious clinking of glasses?  Kissing on command? Why should we kiss when our guests tell us to? We all have seen this and it can be really annoying and uncomfortable. I’ve been to a lot of weddings and that clinking of glasses a lot of times keeps ringing in my ears for the whole weekend and it stinks! What can you do to avoid this happening at your wedding? Here are some fun ideas that I’ve seen couples do to make their guests work for the kiss and make the kissing game a lot of fun!

  1. Have the guests come up the DJ booth and sing a song with the word “Love” in the lyrics.
  2. Bring a bell or some other noise making device, and the guest couple has to kiss and the bride and groom have to copy the way the guests kissed.
  3. Have the guests play a game, roll dice, pull numbers from a deck of cards or play rock paper, the games are endless.
  4. Make em’ pay!!! Have a fish bowl, or a pitcher of some sort and have the guests pay a dollar for you to kiss.
  5. Just. Say. No. It is ok to say no to this tradition. Put a nice note in the program or on the table saying something to the effect of “We respectfully ask you not to clink your glasses. We would like everyone to choose when and why they kiss.”

If you want the clinking glasses, go for it! But if you don’t want that annoying sound at your wedding and aren’t comfortable kissing on command, these options add a little flair to that age-old tradition. There are many more options out there but these are the top five options that I’ve seen while DJing the modern wedding scene.