Creativity with Innovation: Putting Your DJ to the Challenge

And there you are. Stuck trying to make the decision between creating an intimate atmosphere (that can’t be beat) with uplighting or finalizing you and your spouses name in the perfect style font which will get projected on the hall facade for all your guests to see.   Which do you choose?  There are many pros and cons to each route you may take, but no matter what you choose you will give your loved ones something special to remember.  Which one fits your style?

Recently, I had the pleasure to start the wedding planning journey with a wonderful couple here in Wisconsin. Like all smart soon-to-be’s, they both knew that their wedding wouldn’t pass the high standard that they set if either one of those options were not a part of it.  They chose to have the Uplighting and Name In Lights feature.
But they did something not a lot of other couples had the audacity to do, they asked to take our packaging a set further to really customize it for their wedding! And we love that.

In deciding to go with the Name In Lights feature that we offer, they requested a colorful family crest displayed on the wall using image projection rather than light projection.   We have a passion for what we do and we use our resources, experience and innovation to insure that a feature such as this will work by presenting them with a working example prior to their wedding day to ensure its up to their expectations.

When seeking out a DJ or other vendor you always want to consider someone that not only is great at what they do but is also willing to be innovative. Within reason, it is a great way for you and your vendor’s relationship to flourish as you attempt to tackle special areas that will make your wedding feel as unique as the marriage you have now committed too. It will also allow you to take your ideas and turn them into a reality.