Making a Spectacular Grand Entrance in 2016

By now I hope you’ve settled into 2016 and are off to a great year! (I’ll still be writing 2015 by accident on checks, papers or anything else I need to put a date on…..but none the less here we go!)

Since we’ve entered 2016 I figured it would be a great time to talk about the difference between a grand march and a grand entrance and some of the most memorable Grand Entrances we’ve seen (and created) over the years at weddings.

The Difference between a Grand March and a Grand Entrance

The Grand March

Many times at an event wedding guests will ask “when is the Grand March?” Its typically between 9-10pm. This raised another question, “why would you introduce someone halfway through the reception”?

The wedding grand march concept originated many many years ago in the Midwest. Many wedding guests were from the farming community and wouldn’t be able to attend a wedding until after dinner due to working on a farm during daytime hours. Many guests might not make it to the ceremony or even dinner, but would be able to make it to the dance portion of the evening! This became the time to introduce your wedding party to your guests, generally taking place about an hour after dancing had started. Today many couples are choosing to invite a select number of people for the ceremony and dinner and asking others to just attend the reception. Having a Grand March then introduces your wedding party to all the newly arrived guests.

Grand Marches today can be very elaborate and consist of costumes, upbeat music and lively dancing. Its a great opportunity to call your guests attention and do other fun and traditional wedding activities like the bouquet and garter toss.

The Grand Entrance

The Grand Entrance is typically done before dinner and  the wedding party is gathered outside of the reception hall as guests get seated for dinner. Wedding party couples can be introduced to a slower more traditional wedding song that brings an elegant touch to the introductions or can be introduced with faster upbeat party style music to get people ready to party a little later in the evening.

For the Grand Entrance its more common to have couples weave their way through the dinner tables and make their way to the head table.  Since everyone is paying attention to the grand entrance, its a great time to followup with other activities such as having the bride and groom cut their cake and even have their first dance.  We like to encourage everyone involved with events before dinner to keep things quick and moving along so that everyone can enjoy the atmosphere and food is brought out for dinner.  (Its key to coordinate with the hall/caterer as well because they typically have a set schedule and want to make sure food gets served promptly and hot to all the wedding guests.)

The introductions reflect a great a great deal of your personality and help people to get to know you better.  We encourage you to let your personality shine and give your guests something memorable!


Great Ideas from Grand Entrance and Grand Marches at Previous Weddings:

Thriller Flash Mob – The wedding party is introduced and dances a choreographed routine to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”

Star Wars Lightsaber Entrance – The Imperial March Theme by John Williams is played as members of the wedding party are introduced while light saber dueling.   Each introduced couple lines up on the dance floor holding their lightsaber up at an  45 degree angle standing apart facing their partner.  The couples create a “tunnel” which the bride and groom walk through when they are introduced.

Indiana Jones – The groomsmen dress like Indiana Jones and the Indiana Jones theme song plays while each person has a prop such as a whip or an small statue and as they are introduced replay a scene from from one of the movies acting it out “saving their girl” from sudden danger.  A giant “fake” boulder can even be created and sent rolling into the hall to give the effect of “Indy” running in distress.

Milwaukee Brewers / Packers – The wedding party dresses up as either Brewers / Packers (this could be done using any sports team!) and comes out with baseball bats / footballs while a sports anthem is played.  The DJ can do a “sporting event” announcement voice as each “player” is introduced.

Marching Band – Have a high school marching band play march music while the wedding party and the bride and groom make their entrance.

Have people roll on in! – For a little fun, try rolling in on roller blades, or a bike. You can piggyback your groom or have him carry you in over his shoulder.

Some couples like to cartwheel in or do flips as they start off their new life together.