Top Wedding Songs of 2015

The year is now 2016. 2015 has come and gone. Spotlight DJ’s had the pleasure of working with many new happy couples through the year. One thing we routinely hear from clients & guests is how great the music was. Let’s take a look at five wedding reception hits from 2015. These are all songs that where released in 2015 & favorites of Spotlight DJ’s & wedding guests alike. (In no priticular order)-

  1. Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

    This was a personal favorite of mine. It was dance floor filler for both young and old. People have called it the “Happy” (By Pharrell Williams) of 2015.
  2. Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon

    A fun, grooving beat with everything people like from a song. A catchy beat, a memorable riff, and a chorus that everyone can sing along to. Like Uptown Funk it was a dance floor filler.
  3. Sugar – Maroon 5

    Personally, I liked to use this for cake cuttings. When a Bride or Groom didn’t have a specific cake cutting song picked out this was the one I picked. Happy, upbeat, and come on who doesn’t like a little sugar.
  4. Thinking Out Loud – Ed Sheeran

    If All Of My by John Legend was the first dance song of 2014, then this is the First dance song of 2015. Its good for dancing (hit play above for proof) and the lyrics talk about long lasting love. What better way to start the evening.
  5. Run Run Run – Kelly Clarkson ft. John Legend
    Kelly Clarkson and John Legend are both great musicians and have great voices. You can never really have to much of a good thing. The emotional performance from both artists on this duet makes for a great song.


By no means are these the best songs of 2015. These are fan and DJ favorites. Here is to hoping that 2016 gives us as much great music as 2015.