Your Wedding Is Not A Game But You Can Play Games At Your Reception

A wedding reception is supposed to be fun. How about wedding games? Games also great¬†for private and company parties. Below are a list of a few favorites at Spotlight DJ’s.


  • The Newly Wed Game-
    Just like the TV game show. The bride and groom sit back to back and answer a serious of questions by raising an object the represents either the bride or the groom(Ranging from blue and pink teddy bears to beer and flowers). The bride and groom can not see each others answers but everybody else can and that’s what makes it fun. Popular questions include
    -Who is the messier eater?
    -Who has the higher IQ?
    -Who do you love most in the world?
  • Scavenger Hunt-
    A small group of people (your wedding party?) are given a random item that they have to find. These items could be anything from a shoelace to cell phone with a picture of Elvis. Last person to retrieve the item is out. The rounds repeat until you are left with one person.
  • Music Trivia-
    DJ calls out trivia questions and guest try to be the first to answer correctly. Players can keep score for prizes or for bragging rights. Trivia questions can be tailored to your tastes or to fit with the style music that is being played. For some samples of Spotlight DJ’s music trivia check out our Facebook page every Friday for a new question.

These are just some Spotlight favorites. If you have a different idea you want to try let us know. We love trying new things. We are here to make your day fun and memorable.