A Stress-free Wedding Day?

6-19-04 Macheski, Stacy - Wedding 025

It is the day that has been on your mind every day for a very long time. And now that day is finally here! It can be the most stressful day of your life but it doesn’t have to be.

For over ten years, I’ve had the privilege of working with many brides and grooms. Often times when I first talk with a couple on their wedding day, it is obvious that they are stressed. Other couples seem stress-free and happy as ever. So how can you be the latter?

Trust. It really is as simple as that. During the months leading up to your wedding, you put in countless hours carefully planning out your wedding day. Make sure you feel comfortable with the people you have selected to be in charge of your wedding. You should feel confident in knowing that they will make your day a success. Your officiant will lead the wedding ceremony and your DJ will lead the reception. Trust that they will do what they do best.

At Spotlight DJ’s, we encourage you and your fianc√© to meet with us about a month before the wedding day. This is close enough to the wedding that you should have almost everything planned out. Use this opportunity to tell us all of your expectations, any changes you have made since our last discussion, and every question and concern you may have lingering. The goal of this meeting is for you to leave feeling completely confident that we will make your wedding as perfect as possible.

A wedding is a very fluid event. You can’t control every part of it. So what happens when something goes wrong? You can relax knowing that the people in charge will handle it oppropriately. At Spotlight DJ’s, we always have backup plans in case something happens. We don’t just play music at your reception; we coordinate with everyone to ensure the entire reception is a success. Let’s say dinner was supposed to be ready at seven o’ clock but the caterers are running behind schedule by fifteen minutes. This has nothing to do with your DJ, right? It actually does because it is our job to make sure the whole reception flows. As an emcee, I am constantly checking the time, reviewing the schedule, and coordinating with others to make it a success.

There is a lot of work that goes into making your wedding a success. Trust your wedding professionals and you will have less stress on your wedding day.