Building A Relationship With Your DJ

Making sure the DJ you pick out for your event is in your price range and offers what you want is definitely an important part of the hiring process, but checking out first hand if they are friendly and motivated is just as important. Mr. and Mrs. O’Donnell, a couple that I started to work with leading up to their wedding which was at the Western Lakes Golf Club in Pewaukee, can testify to the value of getting to know your DJ before the wedding or event.

We had met on several occasions within the coming months before their October wedding. First, we had an initial meeting to introduce ourselves, get to know each other and get more familiar with the vision of their wedding reception evening and what we as Spotlight DJ’s had to offer.  We took advantage of the opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level, sharing similar life experiences and inquiring about life outside the wedding; jobs, schooling, where we lived and interests we could relate in.

After the trust was built and there was a friendly atmosphere about the booking, it was time to plan ahead. How could we as DJ’s be more to them than just a vendor service? The answer was to maintain a steady and appropriate amount of contact, and also to assist in any styling or functional tasks that needed to be in place. We met to discuss uplight color and placement, grand march entrance cues and special dances during the evening of entertainment.  Leading up to the wedding, we made sure to check up on how each other’s weeks were going and talk casually to express how much we care about them through conversation.

As time flew by, the reception night finally arrived and because we had the chance to make that personal connection, we were not just vendors anymore, we were guests.  Knowing you are welcomed as more than just a worker will always help boost morale and excitement on both parties side, while maintaining a professional setting. As expected, everything went off without a hitch and graciously the guests expressed their gratitude with meaning. This was all due to a mutual respect and relationship that was brought on by the care and love between bride, groom and DJ!

You could imagine then, after building such a fantastic relationship, that it was very sad to say goodbye and acknowledge that their night was over. But just because it was over, didn’t mean we couldn’t still stay in contact. There is no better way to reminisce about your special night, than to share photos, experiences, and laughs with the person that helped you all throughout the year of your planning over coffee or lunch. In exactly that, Megan O’Donnell, the bride, knew she had made a right decision in choosing her DJ and in building the relationship. With only great experiences during the night, she had only this to say as a word of advise for future brides, “If I could do anything differently, I would make sure I slowed down and savored walking down the aisle. It went by so fast!”.