How To Make Your Event Successful With A Photobooth

Photo booths are appearing at more and more weddings, dances and parties we entertain.
We recently interviewed Don Brownell at Mugshotz Photobooth about the benefits of having a photobooth at your celebration. Lets explore ways your event can benefit from incorporating a photo booth.

119013-strip1. What are the benefits of featuring a photo booth at your event?

There are several benefits to having a photo booth at your event. One of the most obvious is that it adds a unique, nonstop layer of entertainment to the evening. Once the photo booth opens; guests can come and go as they please and as many times as they please. Then, there is the instant gratification of getting your pictures within seconds after taking them. With today’s technology; sessions are fast and fun at Mugshotz photo booth. We use HD cameras and dyesublimaton printers, so guests spend less than a minute from the time they push the button until they receive their pictures. Now the photo strips become party favors for your guests. One of my favorite things that a photo booth can offer is to bring distant family members together for memorable photos. In many occasions families are coming together from all over the state, or even the country and are now seeing each other for what could be the first time in years; now they are able to slip into the photo booth together for some great shots that capture those memories.

2. Does having a photo booth increase the “fun factor” at your event? In what ways?

Weddings are supposed to be a fun celebration of the new couple; company parties are typically a celebration of the accomplishments throughout the year; photo booths are unbelievably fun! Photo booths allows guests of all ages to come in and take silly, unscripted photos throughout the evening, and to watch the progression of those photos. You can’t help but laugh, and in some cases say,” what on earth were they thinking?” Many times it is the older guests, Grandmothers & Grandfathers that deliver the most memorable pictures of the night. Also having a photo booth can give guests that much needed break from the dance floor or the bar without an extended period of nothing to do.

Sep 02 2012 20:17PM 7.22 cc17d16a,3. What are some of the options a photo booth offers vs. a photographer or guests only taking pictures?

Photo booths are for less structured pictures than a professional photographer or even guests that take pictures for you, you really can not compare them on the same plain. When a professional tells you to do something funny or silly it feels forced. When guests gets to decide when they want to be fun or silly, they are more relaxed and spontaneous and it is a great deal more enjoyable for them. The photographer is great for getting those formal pictures of the bride and groom and the wedding party but they might not get pics of all of the guests. With the photo booth no one is unintentionally left out. Anyone that wants a picture gets a picture and if you don’t want one you don’t have to take one. Guests that take pictures of the event are great, but when will you see the pictures they took? Did they get the shots you wanted? Let them enjoy the evening and let us do the work.

4. Any recommendations or advice for people considering a photo booth for their event?

My best advice for anyone wanting to have a photo booth is to go with an experienced, reputable company. Not someone that has a digital camera an Ink Jet printer and a wrinkled backdrop. You wouldn’t hire a DJ that only has an iPod and a disco ball. Make sure the size of the booth is what you want; how many people can it fit comfortably, 2-3 or 6-10? Is it wheelchair accessible? Larger family members and guests may feel uncomfortable trying to squeeze into those smaller photo booths. Make sure you know what you are getting for the price. What is included in the package price and what is not? You don’t want to be nickeled and dimed after your big day just to find out that you owe more money for the guestbook or a CD of all of the pictures that was not included and now you have to pay more to get those things. Ask questions!

Thanks Don for the tips and information!  More information about securing Mugshotz Photobooth for your event can be found online at:

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