Wedding On A Hill: Pulling Off A Private Tent Event

This past month, Spotlight had a fantastic last-minute opportunity to help a bride and groom pull off their dream wedding on their private country land in Rubicon, WI. With the warm weather fleeting into its typical Wisconsinesque patterns, we were not entirely sure how comfortable the ceremony or the reception would be. Luckily, all the vendors and the bride’s father pulled out all of the stops to make sure it was a success!

For the ceremony, they had two key components; our sound system and a harpist. Both of these luxuries can be easily affected by the wind resistance. Having the harpist closest to the house (or any nearby building) seemed to help tuning and proper sound throughout the entire ceremony. A concern is always the sound equipment and making sure that your DJ has a backup plan. A good DJ should know that using lapel mics outside is an incredible challenge to tackle (especially on a windy day), so having a spare handheld mic will give the officiant and any readers a fall back that will definitely reduce wind interruption.

In addition to the picture perfect scenery, the tent for the reception was beautifully decorated in the parent’s backyard.  The bride’s father did a marvelous job planning for a tent that held all of the guests comfortably, had easy access in and out. The investment of the tent, dance floor and lighting was a tremendous value that really added to the wedding. With weather always being a unpredictable factor in the month of October the father had planned ahead and had the tent fitted with industrial heaters and a couple of propane space heaters. Because of this planning ahead of time, guests were kept warm and there were no complaints.  Many times for an event held on a private property, a small but very important issue that is typically forgotten are restrooms.  With so many people in attendance you don’t want to have everyone use the bathrooms in the residence and so electric port-a-johns were right outside the tent when needed. A cozy bonfire was also a respective lounge area and created a great place for conversation.

This is a great example that your wedding doesn’t have to be setup like a traditional wedding at a flashy venue in a major metropolitan area. If you’re looking at hosting your own tent wedding, take some notes from this bride’s and groom’s day. It is a fantastic idea that if taken care of in the right way, can have an impact on your guests and create lasting memories for decades!