The Bouquet Toss

The next entry in the Wedding Traditions series will take a look at the always fun Bouquet Toss.

Having been a DJ at many weddings as well as attending many for family and friends the traditional wedding reception events are always fun and exciting. They break up the evening and give guests something to talk about. I’m sure we can all picture a scene from a movie or TV show where a bride tosses the bouquet and bunch of people are diving on the floor trying to grab the flowers. While this is played up in movies and TV, you may ask yourself why?Bouquet Toss 1

The bouquet toss dates back to England. It was believed that a bride was very lucky on her wedding day. In order to get some of this luck, people would try to take some of the brides dress or flowers. Tossing the bouquet started as a way for the bride to give a souvenir of good luck without having to worry about her dress. Some stories say that brides would through the bouquet and run.

While this is still a tradition done at many ceremonies today it is becoming less and less popular. Personally I feel like the fun and the photo opportunities that come from it make a tradition that is worth it.