How To Create A Memorable Best Man Speech


Djing many weddings, we’ve listened to tons and tons of Best Man speeches.
If you’ve been asked to be the best man, you’ve got the privileged task of giving a speech at the wedding reception.
Here’s some tips on how to make it memorable and “look good.”

Look Professional And Be Prepared
Once you arrive at the wedding reception, find out when you will be giving your speech and make sure you are well prepared. One thing we notice most often when the best man is giving his speech is that he’s not holding the microphone close enough to his mouth to be clearly heard.

Make sure you are speaking at a reasonable speed and that you are speaking clearly (a lot of people begin to speak too fast and the crowd starts to lose what you are saying). If you are not a comfortable public speaker then we suggest you watch a few best man speeches on or to get a feel for how others present.

Introduce Yourself
When you first start your speech make sure to introduce yourself and give a brief background on your relationship with the bride and groom. (Did you go to school with them? Are you the brother of the bride/groom? How long have you known them?) This will allow your audience to “connect the dots” as you continue your speech.

Compliment The Bride
Make sure to compliment the bride on how beautiful she looks. You can never give too many compliments.

Explain Why They Make Such A Good Pair
Hopefully you’ve gotten to know the fiance before the wedding and have seen what makes the couple “tick”. (If not, schedule an outing with them to do something fun so that you have the chance to really get to know them.) Then at the reception mention little things you’ve noticed that they have in common, such as favorite sports teams, hobbies, or talents they may share. This goes a long way to express how great they are together.

Add A Little Humor
If you can make people laugh, you’ll be more memorable and your speech will have a greater impact. Tell a funny story about the bride or groom. Recall memories from the past such as how they met, give an example of a funny outing or road tip that may have had an added twist. Personal stories are great, but keep it focused on the bride and groom. If you can pull it off, adding a joke or two or some funny comments will always make for a great speech.

Keep It Short And Rehearsed
You want your speech to be meaningful, but don’t let it drag on. The best way to measure this might be to practice your speech on someone else before the wedding reception. Try not to use notes, but if you must use notes keep them to bullet-point items. You want to avoid looking at a piece of paper and reading throughout your speech. The Best Man comes across great if he’s making eye-contact and even interacting with the bride and groom during the speech.

At the end of your speech make a toast by raising a glass and invite everyone else to toast to the happy couple. Congratulate them and wish them all the best in life’s journey as a couple!