Wedding Traditions Pt.1


This is our first entry in an ongoing series looking at different aspects of weddings, wedding traditions, and some history behind them. In this first entry we are going to look into the history of the wedding rings.

At the top-level a wedding ring (or wedding band) is used to indicate that the wearer is married. A quick Google search will give you a couple different variations on the origin of the wedding ring. However, it is widely accepted that the first wedding rings were from ancient Egypt. These rings were woven and not made of metal.

It was only recently (relatively) that both husband and wives both started wearing wedding rings. Up until the 20th century, wedding rings were worn only by wives. Most people wear wedding rings both day and night resulting in a permanent marking on skin.

Several traditions have the best man and maid of honor keeping track of and presenting the rings at a symbolic time during the wedding ceremony.

Style of wedding rings are different depending on the couple. It is usually a made of a rare medal, like gold, but is different for each couple.

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