Uplighting with Color Schemes at Over The Vines Barn


My family recently celebrated a long-coming wedding of my sister, and she has a style of quaint and class. After months and months of stressful searching for a venue she finally set her heart on an old-fashioned vineyard barn out near Madison called “Over the Vines” and it was perfect. From their genuine hospitality, to their desire to meet my sisters every need, they provided a friendly atmosphere along with the pleasantly rustic feel the barn already gave off.

There was one piece of the wedding planning puzzle that was subtle enough to almost be over-looked, but important enough to make or break the atmosphere and that was the choice to include uplighting. The problem isn’t deciding if you want uplighting or don’t want uplighting, of course you do!  It’s the grand adventure you embark on to figure out how the uplighing is going to compliment the look and theme for your wedding.   Some people like bright and random colors and others find a more subtle and classier look that still fits.

My sister was going for more of the subtle and classier look.  The barn that the wedding was held at had hanging cream-white lights and a chandelier. It already complimented the rustic wood and old fashioned style.  So the question became “how do we take something as modern and exciting as uplighting and fit it in well?” The answer was taste and blend.

The first step I would recommend is to figure out if you and your significant other have the same vision for your special night. You can save the flashing color light show for the dancing later on. Is the ceremony, cocktail hour, and dinner traditional or modern? White, off-white, light blue, or a solid lighter color will work well with a traditional theme. If you have more of a modern theme, any color of your choosing will work, but it may make more sense to stick with a brighter and bolder color. Make sure that the colors don’t clash with the walls though!

Once you’ve chosen your uplighting color(s), remember that it doesn’t always have to be at full brightness.  Asking your DJ to turn down the brightness and slightly angling each light so that the beam of light reflects off the wall will help the color to blend more. You don’t always want a solid color shooting straight at the wall, its amazing how the slightest adjustment to each light can make such a difference an impact the atmosphere. When your uplighting color is blended well with the walls or curtains and you feel that the color is fitted to your soft or strong personality, you’re ready to go!

Keep in mind your DJ or hall will be more than willing to accommodate any changes. If you already picked out your original color and decide to make a last minute change, it comes down to a quick setting, so don’t be afraid.  It will make your special day even more magical!