Fundraising Ideas For School Prom/Homecoming

prom-dancing-arms-upWhen the retail stores pack their shelves with school supplies, the Wisconsin State Fair ends and the days start getting shorter, you know school is right around the corner.

And with the start of school comes the huge challenge of planning dances and figuring out how to afford the costs and expenses.

School Dances are one of the most elaborate events put on by any student body. It is a time for school spirit and camaraderie but can be quite expensive with decorations, dance location, food and drink. The more people you can involve with fundraising the easier it is. Here’s some ideas to get you started. The key is to make fund-raising easy and fun.

A Gym-Sized Rummage Sale or Tail Gate Garage Sale
Have your classmates and their parents load up all their unusable stuff and bring it to the city’s largest rummage sale, hosted by you at the school. Do it tail-gate style and let people sell out of their trunks or do it in the gym. Outside, for extra cash, offer to wash cars, sell food items (you can get them donated) or offer a pay-per-chore service.

Car Wash
There are a few ways to hold a school car wash that can make a lot of money for your homecoming events. The old fashioned way is to get a bunch of signs with guys and girls on the street corner hooting and hollering for customers to pull into the school parking lot. Add to the festivities with members of the marching band playing some jazzy tunes.

Free-Throw Contest
Have a free-throw contest at half time during school basketball games. Sign up your participants prior to the game, and ask local merchants to sponsor the event and provide prizes to winners.

Special Events
Plan a battle of the bands night where school bands compete. Sell tickets to the event and refreshments. You can also hold a casino night. This may actually be something for your classmates or parents who love the idea of a night on the town at the poker table or roulette wheel.

Set up a raffle that includes your stadium’s special front-row seats, a “training camp” with the sports players or the cheerleaders, a session with the coach, and other sports-related items.
Lots of local businesses and vendors are willing to help your cause.
There are often two requirements to this:
1) they must know about your cause and
2) they must know you are looking for donations.
This is where you come in. Ask local businesses for gift certificates or gift basket items to raffle off. Sell tickets in advance and hype the prizes. Great raffle items are restaurant gift certificates, spa treatments or electronics. Businesses love the tax deduction as well as helping the community. It is good publicity for them, so make sure to include their names on a thank you banner or any advertising for your event.

Spaghetti Supper
Everybody loves pasta! Transform your school gym into an Italian restaurant and let the fun begin.
Add salad and garlic bread for the finishing touch.

Your School Cookbook
Compile student recipes into one cookbook, and get ready to rake in the profits. Sell it to parents, community members and students. You’ll be surprised how many budding chefs you have in your midst!

Souvenir add-ons
Imprinted picture frames, photo cubes, photo key chains, candles, picture albums; these are all items that can be sold during the year, with the tickets to the event or as part of a special package.

Gourmet Coffee Morning
Choose a morning to offer gourmet coffee and greet students, faculty and staff with a steaming cup of Joe. Offer different gourmet flavors and serve coffee in a special coffee mug (featuring the school’s name, mascot, and school colors)

Bowling Night
Everyone loves to go bowling!. Organize a bowling night fundraiser for students/parents of your school at your local bowling alley. Ask for special discounts/rates from the bowling alley to help with your fundraiser.

Traditional Fund-Raisers
If time is really a problem and you don’t see being able to put together a mass special fund-raiser event, look at other fund-raisers used as the bread and butter by school organizations. These include winter gift wrap and candy fundraisers or a community discount book fund-raiser.
You may also ask local restaurants if they will host a school night fund-raiser in which patrons presenting a flier will have a percentage of their bill donated back to the school. These are easy to arrange and great community builders.

These are some of the more popular fundraising ideas, but you can put your own spin on any of them.
Once you come up with plan and do a little fundraising, you’ll find that you may have extra money you weren’t expecting that will allow you to create an event that will be the talk of your school long after its over! Good luck!