The Lights At The End Of The Tunnel

Your wedding reception is the light at the end of the tunnel after your busy day. It’s the time to sit back and finally enjoy everything that has gone into the day. It’s the last impression of the day for both you and your guests. Whats something that will make this light at the end of the tunnel stand out? Thats simple lights.

If music sets the mood, then lights create the atmosphere. Then question then becomes why keep the atmosphere contained on the dance floor? Why not spread it out through the entire hall?

Some may argue (myself included) that lighting is more important than music. Have you ever been to a club or concert where all of the house lights are on? No that wouldn’t make sense. The house lights are turned off and instead the light in the room comes from various lasers, mirrors, and bulbs. People don’t like to be vulnerable or exposed when they are on the dance floor. They want to be able to let loose and see the flashing colors on and around them.

Adding uplighting can spread fun party atmosphere around the entire hall. Uplights are small pucks that sit on the floor and shine a beam of light up a wall or pilliar. Spotlight DJ’s has the ability to wirelessly control our lights right from our DJ booth. We can sync the lights with the music so no matter where you are you can feel all of the excitement in the air. For some additional flair, add a monogram with you and your new spouses names. It all adds to the atmosphere of your event.

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What if your wedding is outside? Uplights can be used to highlight trees, fountains, and walls just like inside. Of course our DJ lights still provide the color flashes to cover the dance floor.

Keep all of this in mind when you are planning your reception. Lights still work during the day but the effect is not nearly the same. Spotlight DJ’s has done many outdoor daytime events and know how to make your event fun. If you have a group of guests that just love to dance they will still dance and Spotlight DJ’s will make it an entertaining and fun event for everyone. You just wont see Uncle Willy swinging from a chandelier.

Spotlight DJ’s is here to help. Check out our Uplight and Monogram page for more information on our uplights and how they can make your reception a memorable one. We are happy to answer any questions you have. Feel free to contact us today!