What makes your wedding reception great?

It is your big day. All of your family and friends, both new and old, have come together to celebrate with you. What can you do to make your wedding reception a memorable one? Some people say have a great hall. Others will say the food has to be good. Maybe an open bar? While these are all good and important, the one thing that will make the night memorable for both you and your guests will be the music. Music can be the difference between a constantly packed dance floor and tables full of bored guests. Here are a few things to keep in mind when thinking about your music selection.

  1. Let your DJs know what styles of music you and your guests like. When you book with Spotlight DJ’s you will be asked to rate different music types as part of your wedding planner. Be honest and think about your guests. Your DJs will use that information to tweak the music to be just right.
  2. Have a do play/do not play list. Does your family have an inside joke about a certain song? Maybe Uncle Willy has a really good dance to go with a song. Tell your DJs. Tell them what kind of music you and your family like. However, keep in mind this is for you and your guests. Do not try to schedule the entire night of music. Be open to something different. This leads us to the final tip-
  3. Let your guests make requests. Like I said earlier, this is for you and your guests. Your DJs are professionals and will make the music flow. We won’t just play a song because someone says to do it. We will build to it and fit it in with other songs stylistically to keep the energy and excitement on the dance floor.

Remember that your DJs are professionals. They know what songs go well together. They know how to keep the excitement high and the energy flowing. Your DJs like to have fun just like your guests. We will do anything to make sure that happens. Even if that occasionally means tickling the ivories.

DJ Paul Plays The Piano
DJ Paul Plays The Piano

Take a look at a sample of our ever growing music catalog and get some song ideas for those special dances by visiting our music catalog page here. If you have questions do not hesitate to contact us and if you want some other information about what Spotlight DJ’s can do for your wedding, check out our weddings page.